Monday, 13 May 2013

5 Simple Seo Tips For Great Search Engine Results

1) Ensure your website page titles state what you do or what you provide, it should contain the first few words a customer would type into a search engine (keywords) when looking for your product or service. Create a unique title for every page in your website.

Good Page Title “Healthy Treats For Kids” Bad Page Title “The Sweet Shop”

2) Your website pages meta description should be a short snippet of what your website or page is about, it’s best used as a call to action (encourage people to click your link) combined with your relevant keywords, try to keep it no more than two lines long.

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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Mortgage Matters

Owning a home is important to Canadians. According to Statistics Canada, the Canadian home-ownership rate has been close to 70 percent for more than a decade. For many, their home is their greatest asset.

It is at once an emotional and a financial investment. Because of this, its value should be carefully guarded.

A mortgage, however, is not an asset. It is a liability and must be taken seriously. Every day, homeowners unnecessarily risk losing their homes by not making their mortgage payments. Foreclosure has an immediate  personal impact and can affect a borrower’s ability to buy a home in the future.

Happily, there are strategies to avoid defaulting on a mortgage and facing foreclosure. It’s critical to understand these options in order to save your home. It’s even more important to learn how to avoid  foreclosure in the first place.

Making Do between Paycheques

Many hardworking Canadians spend every cent they earn—if not more.
Living close to the edge is, for many, a way of life that they feel helpless to change. The solution for some is to take on second jobs to help pay the bills and support their lifestyles, though this may be a difficult if not impossible option for others. Educating yourself about managing the money you have and how to use it efficiently is another alternative.

Is living from paycheque to paycheque a cycle that can’t be broken?
The answer is no. Is it ever possible to get ahead financially? The answer is yes. It takes commitment and fortitude, but if you face up to your situation, then frame a plan to change it, you can, over time, fix it. Here’s how one couple did just this.

Making Your Financial Plan

The Citi Commonsense Money Guide recognizes that your time is short and your money is tight, and that there are lots of ways to solve a financial problem. You might have one, two, or even more financial challenges.

Maybe you’re overextended on your credit cards. Or perhaps you have missed a few payments on your car or mortgage loans and are overwhelmed by the prospect of catching up. Maybe you’re not sure how you really spend your money. You think what you need is more money, which may be true, but even more, you need a new system for spending your money. You need a plan, and you need to figure out how to make that
plan work.